The Still Small Voice


(This guest post was written by Karen Eylon, former and longtime director of the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau.) 
Bunnie Geroux web

If you pause, you can almost hear the whispers of your authentic self and the secret longings of your heart.  It’s hard to decipher that which is barely audible above the mental din of your to-do list, deadlines, pressures, responsibilities, and concerns.  What would you like to do this year to celebrate the one and only you?  If you listen and follow, I promise the results will be lasting.

It’s true. I’ve seen it.  Most recently, I saw it in my friend, Bunnie Geroux.  I called to wish her a happy 90th birthday and in that short phone call, the faint pulse of inspiration within me was revived.  She’s been busy with her floral preservation business and excited for spring to see her tulips.  Planting bulbs is new to this avid gardener.  Most of her gardening has been focused on the passion she discovered in her forties.   Despite a busy life with kids, husband and work, she listened to the still small voice and discovered a love of herbs.  By heeding the murmurs inside and following a new path, she transformed a community.  Thanks to her, Gahanna is the Herb Capital of Ohio, home to the Ohio Herb Education Center, offers the innovative Herbal Trail, provides a vibrant place to visit and more – simply because she paused, allayed fears and eschewed negative voices, even if they only existed in her mind.

Maybe this is the year to expand your horizons beyond a basic chardonnay and learn more about wine?  There’s no better place than in the capable hands of the staff at Wyandotte Winery.  Perhaps you could allow the budding gardener or culinary goddess in you to take a journey into the world of herbs at the Ohio Herb Education Center? Instead of denial, you could embrace the cocoa connoisseur that you’ve become with a chocolate dipping and pairing session at Sher-Bliss.  Are you tired of your morning coffee routine? Maybe you’d like to learn about the healing and delicious qualities of tea at Koko Tea Salon & Bakery?

After a holiday season of shopping for others, it may be the perfect time to treat you. Get lost in the heady world of handmade bath and beauty products at Honey Grove Botanicals or the gorgeous accessories at Jewels & More, to name a few.  Retail therapy abounds at nearby Easton Town Center, one of the largest shopping destinations in the Midwest.

Perhaps the resolution that resonates involves taking time to recharge with those you love? Rediscover the little girl inside with a weekend getaway package to American Girl with your favorite princess. Reconnect with your soul sisters and mother earth with a memorable event at Shepherd’s Corner or Jorgenson Farms.  Nothing kills romance faster than keeping dinner easy, simply because the kids prefer chicken nuggets and mac & cheese.  The answer to rekindling romance is easy with a memorable meal and a flight or two at The Wine Guy Bistro.

Be still. Listen. Be like my friend Bunnie.  Try the new, discern your authentic whispers and make this a year of joy, because life is short, even when you’re 90. 

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