It’s All in the Smell! (Follow Your Nose to Gahanna)


You smell it … you feel it!  For me, it’s all about the sense of smell. Great food and fragrances are the spice of life. As a long-time Gahanna resident, I’ve come up with a short list of my favorite scents in the city that I recommend to anyone (and everyone)!


Gahanna’s City Barbeque  has it all.  Every time I visit the restaurant, the barbeque smell puts a smile on my face and reminds me of summer cookouts. (Warm weather is just around the corner!)  I always feel I get a great deal for my money there. Not only is the food delicious, but the awesome barbeque smell puts me in a happy mood and triggers fond memories of backyard family cookouts.   If you’re looking for a yummy lunch, try the City Lunch Plate– it’s a great deal with plenty of food! Start with your choice of BBQ meat, then select from amazing sides like cornbread, Mac n’ Cheese, Sweet Vinegar Slaw, Gumbo with Rice or Green Beans with Bacon. City BBQ offers great “Pig Up and Go” and catering options, too.

Honey Grove Botanicals

If you love your candles and want to make them last longer, pick up a candle lamp at the Ohio Herb Education Center Gift Shop.  The lamp gives your candles a longer life and safer way to use them (no flaming wicks!)   I purchased my lamp about five years ago and still think that it is one of the best purchases ever.  Stop in at 161 Mill St. and browse the gift shop which has everything from candles and teas to herbs…it’s just fun and the shop smells great!  Then, wander across the street to Honey Grove Botanicals and select from hundreds of scented soy candles, made by owner Barb Drobnick.

Rotellis Gahanna

There is NOTHING better than the smell and taste of the garlic rolls at Rotelli Pizza Pasta Perfect.  The dough for these wonderful delights is made on-site daily from scratch, left to rise overnight, then baked fresh, brushed with garlic oil (yum) and dusted with Romano cheese!  The rolls are served immediately to guests. I consider them my savory dessert and … garlic is good for the heart (right?!)!  Rotelli, located at the corner of Cherry Bottom and Morse Road, offers an extensive menu including pizza, Stromboli, seafood, calzones, chicken, veal, salads, subs and decadent desserts.

~Post by Pam Brown, Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau Office Manager and long-time Gahanna resident

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