OSU Football Expert Jack Park to Speak on “The Power of One Voice”


What does it take to take inspire a college football team to become national champions? What can business leaders learn from Urban Meyer’s approach to leadership? What made Vince Lombardi, Woody Hayes, and Bo Schembechler so successful?

OSU Football Expert Jack Park

OSU Football Expert Jack Park

Jack Park, author and Ohio State Football expert, will talk about The Power of One Voice during his keynote address at the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau’s annual meeting, held at 7:30 am Thursday, March 19 at the Creekside Conference & Event Center.

We sat down with Jack to learn more about this fascinating guy, his career path and how studying the great college football coaches of our time can inspire the blueprints for stronger businesses and organizations.


Q:  How do you describe what you do?

Jack:  I really do many different things. I’m a creator and presenter of leadership development programs for corporations and associations across the country, an author and columnist for Ohio State Football, a football radio commentator, a keynote speaker and a CPA.

Q: How did you find your way to this career?  

Jack: It really wasn’t planned.  In 1979, I was invited to be a radio guest by Sports Radio 97.1 The Fan and talk about Ohio State Football.  They liked it and presented me with an opportunity to be a commentator each Saturday during the football season.  That role has grown over the years and I’m still actively involved each season.  That activity led to many of my other ventures, including the Ohio State Football books.


Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

Jack: Outside of our family, and with the valuable assistance of my late-wife Sue, we authored and published The Official Ohio State Football Encyclopedia, a 710-page detailed history of the Buckeyes.

Q: What’s one thing that very few people know about you?

Jack: I am a long-time Green Bay Packer season-ticket holder.


Q: Do you have a favorite OSU Buckeye story?

Jack: Many. One of my favorites involved the Big Ten Conference “vote” that sent Ohio State to the Rose Bowl instead of Michigan at the end of the 1973 season. Michigan State, Michigan’s other major rival, was the “swing vote” and the Spartans voted for Ohio State.  Had the Spartans voted for Michigan, the Wolverines would have been the Rose Bowl representative. Michigan has never forgiven it’s “sister school!”


Q: Your topic for the GCVB annual meeting is “The Power of One Voice.”  Does this concept apply to both football and business? If so, how?

Jack: It applies perfectly to both football and business.  By working together, much can be accomplished.  Without teamwork, the result is often failure.


Q: What do you hope attendees will take away from your keynote address?

What made Vince Lombardi, Woody Hayes, and Bo Schembechler so successful, and Urban Meyer’s approach to leadership — and how we can leverage all of these qualities to help us be more successful. 

To order tickets online now for this event, go to www.VisitGahanna.com or call the Gahanna OH Convention & Visitors Bureau 614/418-9114.

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