Local Resident Opens The Vintage Nest in Gahanna



Gahanna’s newest retail establishment offers a collection of new, found and reclaimed home decor and personal treasures styled with fun and inspiration. The Vintage Nest, located at 79 North Street in Olde Gahanna, is the manifestation of years of dreaming (and collecting) by owner Kari Hawk. We sat down with Kari to learn more about The Vintage Nest.

1) When did you open The Vintage Nest?
Our opening day was March 15, 2015

2) What inspired you to open the store?
I have always collected well loved, useful things. You might say that something like an old barn door “speaks to me!” My husband and I started selling at a few festivals and fairs and enjoyed it so much we wanted to do more.

3) What do you specialize in?
Variety. I have industrial pieces, vintage kitchen items, fancy antiques, vintage toys, original artwork, candles, jewelry, etc.


4) What sets The Vintage Nest apart from other similar shops?
To the best of my knowledge, ours is the only store in town where you might find a vintage set of barware, an amethyst gem wrapped in silver wire, and a great piece of furniture. Every week we have new items, so you never know what you will find. I work with several vendors who are local artists and whose work I admire. I’m proud to sell their goods at our store!

5) What can visitors expect to find there?
Many of our pieces have been repurposed. For example we found a very old non-working large radio that we turned into a bar. Some of our industrial pieces are being used for outdoor furniture. I’m always excited to help a customer come up with a clever use for an unusual piece.


6) What’s the best part about running The Vintage Nest?
I have met so many supportive, wonderful people.

7) What’s your most unusual purchase (or sale) to date?
Well we recently mounted a cow skull to some barnwood. It’s unusual because the cow was thought to be female until it started growing horns. We call it the world’s only hermaphrodite cow skull!


8) What makes Gahanna, Ohio a good place for your business?
Oh that’s easy… it’s the people in this community! I am completely thrilled to see how excited and supportive they are. I  already have regulars who are like my kindred spirits. I’m very excited for this opportunity to open a store in my hometown. We live in a great community!

9) Name one thing that most people might not know about The Vintage Nest?
We debated over the name of the shop, but we chose The Vintage Nest because our family name is Hawk!


10) Where can people find you online?
We are on Facebook at The Vintage Nest. And we are developing a web page this summer. It will show new items as they come in, as well as upcoming special events.

11) What are your hours?
Friday and Saturday 11-6 and Sundays 11-3. We also open for Paws in the Plaza the first Thursday of the month from 4-8. We hope to expand our hours in the near future.


12) What’s in store for The Vintage Nest in the future?
We are planning to throw Pinterest Parties for groups of 4-6 about once a month. We want The Vintage Nest to be a fun place to visit, whether you buy something or just want to visit. You will always be greeted with a smile!


The Vintage Nest. 79 N.  High St.
Gahanna, OH 43230

Hours: Friday and Saturday 11 am-6 pm
Sundays 11am-3 pm.
Also open from 4-8 pm on first Thursday spring/summer months.

To learn more about shopping and dining in Gahanna, check out www.VisitGahanna.com 

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