Gahanna’s Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival: Backdrop for a Love Story


Gahanna Ohio’s annual Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival holds a special place in the hearts of Kris Chick and her husband, David. It provided the backdrop and inspiration that ignited their personal love story years ago. Since everyone loves a great love story, we caught up with Kris to ask for details …


Q: What’s your connection to Gahanna?

A: My husband, David has lived in Gahanna since 1986 and graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School in 1989.


Q: How many years have you attended Gahanna’s annual Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival (CBJF)?

A: I have been attending the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival since before my daughter was born! She’s 13 now, so it’s been more than 14 years!


 Q: What happened for you at the 2006 Festival? 

A: Nine years ago David Chick and I started dating. We were at the Festival, sitting near the stage waiting for Arnett Howard and the Creole Funk Band to perform when David asked me out.


Q: We understand that you credit the Festival for providing a magical backdrop for your personal love story? How so?

A: The Festival has been part of our lives for years. Two years ago David proposed to me during the Festival – right over by the fountain! Since we began dating there and he proposed to me at the event, I wanted to get married there too. So, a year later in July, we got married at Creekside Conference & Event Center!


Q: How has your story evolved recently?

A: On January 17, 2015 we opened our own business in Gahanna! We now own and operate Brickhouse Cardio Club located at 189 W. Johnstown Rd. (Suite A) We have group fitness classes of all kinds. We welcome Gahanna residents and friends to check out our online class schedule, then drop-in and try a class! 614/269-8494


Q: Is it safe to say that you’ll be attending the 2015 Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival (June 19-21)

A: We sure will! And we are extremely excited to be attending this year as a vendor! What a great excuse to be there every day!


Q: So, if someone has been looking for love in all the wrong places, do you suggest that they consider attending the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival to tap the magic of a little night music? : ) 

A: I can’t think of anything better to do than to listen to great music and hang out with someone you love.  If you haven’t found love yet, where better to go than someplace where you’re going to find someone that loves to do the same stuff that you do?!


To learn more about the 17th Annual Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, visit 

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