Gahanna’s Paws in the Plaza Celebrates Canine (& owner) Networking!



Gahanna, Ohio is one dog friendly town. There are a variety of restaurants with pet friendly patios, pet friendly businesses, pet friendly hotels and the popular pup-networking event … Paws in the Plaza. Held on the first Thursday of the month (April-October) at Creekside Plaza, Paws in the Plaza has become one well attended fun and furry celebration of all-things-canine. We caught up with Amy Evans, Director of the event and the Olde Gahanna Community Partnership (OGCP), to learn more.

For those that are unfamiliar, what is Paws in the Plaza?
Paws in the Plaza is a pet friendly event that started in 2009. It highlights the pet friendly patios, walking paths, parks, businesses and paddle boats in Gahanna’s Creekside District. It is made extra special by visiting vendors, booths and giveaways.


When is Paws in the Plaza held?
The first Thursday of every month April-October. The events begin at 4:30 pm and ends between 7-8 pm, depending on sun and weather.

Is it just for locals?
Not even close. Because Paws in the Plaza is such a unique event, people come from all around the Columbus and Central Ohio area.


How did Paws in the Plaza begin?
The Olde Gahanna Community Partnership (OGCP) was thinking of ways to introduce people to the new Creekside Development in 2009. The unique features of the area made it a popular destination for dog outings, so we thought we could build upon the natural assets. We never get tired of hearing people say, “I never knew all of this was here!” And once people discover the Creekside area, they often come back to enjoy it at other times.


What can attendees (both 2-and-4-legged) expect to find at Paws in the Plaza?
Attendees can visit vendors with pet friendly products, get a souvenir photo, meet representatives with non-profit organizations and rescues, walk miles of paths and creek walks, and even enjoy a ride on a pet friendly paddle boat. Local restaurants offer pet friendly patios. All shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs (and their owners) meet to enjoy the event and the area!

Is this event unique to the area?
While some places have a pet friendly event each year, we have not found any other event in the country that is a recurring event like Paws in the Plaza. The attributes of the Creekside area provide the perfect mix of natural setting and civilized amenities that few other cities, suburbs or parks can match.


Are there other pet friendly businesses in Gahanna?
Yes. And people are surprised to learn that the pet friendly businesses and patios are pet friendly EVERY DAY … not just the first Thursday of the month for Paws in the Plaza.

The BEST thing about Paws in the Plaza is …
THE GUESTS! Both two-legged and four-legged. It takes a special personality to care for a pet, and they are a loyal, kind and appreciative group. It means a lot when people thank us for creating the event, and recognize how special it is. Happy people with happy pets makes for a really fun evening. So plan on staying awhile and enjoying the evening on one of the pet friendly patios!

Find Gahanna’s Paws in the Plaza on Facebook. For more information about Gahanna’s many events, attractions, restaurants and hotels, visit the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Website: or call 614/418-9114.

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