Get Creative at Gahanna’s Art Garden Studio!


One of Gahanna, Ohio’s hidden treasures is Art Garden Studio. Located at 98 Granville St (614/383-8278), it offers a creative haven for aspiring artists of any age. Workshops and private classes can be arranged for groups, parties and events. We sat down with manager Annie Seaton to learn more about Art Garden Studio.


When did Art Garden Studio open?
September, 2010

What’s the story behind the business?
Juli Hess (owner) started teaching classes more than 10 years ago through the Gahanna Parks & Recreation Department at home school co-ops and out of her home. Owning a studio was always her goal. She increased her students to a number that could support a space and we’ve been growing ever since.

What is Art Garden Studio’s mission?
Our mission is to “grow artists,” and give those student artists a place to call home and build confidence and self-esteem through art.

Describe Art Garden Studio’s customers, in general.
The majority of our students are children ages 4-17. Some have multiple interests, but others only have our art classes for an extracurricular activity. It’s important for every child to belong to something and we believe our artists have a place to belong in our studio. We also offer adult classes.


What sets your business apart from the competition?
We have a product and a service. While learning and growing as an artist, you walk away with something tangible! 

What kinds of classes are offered?
Fine art classes in all 2-D mediums are offered. Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels, Drawing, etc. We get crafty on the weekends with Holiday or seasonal themes.

Do you offer private events?
Sure! All of our weekend workshops can be turned into a private event, as well as Adult Paint Parties and Birthday Parties.

What kinds of classes/ events do you offer for out-of-town visitors?
Our Weekend Workshops are perfect for out-of-town guests because you may simply pay by the class. The workshops are only 1-1.5 hours, so it’s fun to drop in.

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What would you most like people to know about Art Garden Studio?
Art Garden is a place to learn a skill for life, to take with you at every age. We will meet your skill level where you are and grow the artist in you.

What are your hours?
Our hours are creative! We are here when classes or Summer Camps are in session, but typically 10 am-7:30 pm daily and Saturday until 12 noon, but also when our programs are in session.

NOTE: Be sure to visit Art Garden Studio’s open house during Gahanna’s Holiday Lights Celebration (11.22.15). Make-it-and-take-it Holiday Canvas Painting ($5) mini-workshops will be offered every 30 minutes starting at
3 pm! To learn more about what’s happening at the 2015 Holiday Lights Celebration, go to 

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Follow Art Garden Studio on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. To learn more, contact Art Garden Studio at 614/383-8278) or via email:

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