Ohio Herb Center Classes Fend Off Winter Blues


Guest Post by Beth McCollam, Public Information/Marketing Coordinator, Gahanna Ohio Department of Parks & Recreation.  


Fend off the winter blues by staying active with classes at the Ohio Herb Education Center, the trailhead of Gahanna’s Herbal Trail. Residents and visitors can learn of the many benefits of herbs this winter through crafts, wellness, culinary and gardening workshops.

Saturday, January 23, 1-2 pm
Herb Tonics for Kids
Kids love herbs too! Introduce your children to simple recipes to help promote wellness through the winter. Kid friendly herbs like chamomile, elderberry and lemon balm are tasty and nutritious. Explore clever and enjoyable ways, beyond tea, to incorporate herbs into easy hands-on treats.  Cost:  $15-$20/per person

Herb Tonics Kids 2

Saturday, January 30, 1-2 pm
Terrariums: Worlds in Miniature
Enjoy an introduction to the history of this living art form, and see how to put a terrarium together. Materials will be provided for you to build your own terrarium in class, along with instructions to care for your creation at home.  Cost:$40-$45/ per person

Saturday, February 6, 1-2:30 pm
Herbal Beads
This age-old crafting tradition can be used with other herbs and fragrant flowers to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets or even linen sachets. This hand-on workshop will allow participants to create their own beads to turn into a special gift. Local herb farmer Janell Baran of Blue Owl Garden Emporium calls on your inner child to grind herbs, add water, and turn the gooey mess into interesting objects. Appropriate for ages 13 and older.  Cost: $20-$25/per person

Terrariums 2

Saturday, February 13, 1-2 pm
Herbs & Cupcakes
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, make something for your sweetheart with Herbs & Cupcakes. Herbs can add delicious complex flavors to savory dishes, but they can also add great flavors to sweet baked desserts like cupcakes as well!  An introduction on how to incorporate herbs into both icing and cupcake recipes. Participants will get a sample and recipe for all culinary delights. Cost: $15-$20/per person

Saturday, February 27, 1-2:30 pm
Spa Day
Experience an herbal spa day!  Arrive ready to make, as well as try out an all-natural herbal regimen–including herbal spa treatments like facials, scrubs, steams and moisturizers. Participants may experience what is covered in class, and will receive recipes for DIY herbal spa creations. Cost: $35-$40/per person

Saturday, March 5 1-2:30 pm
A Starter Herb Garden
Spring will be here before we know it, and so A Starter Herb Garden is the perfect class to learn about easy-to-grow herbs and how to plan, care for and create the best growing conditions for your herbs. Explore a basic palette of 5 easy-to-grow herbs, perfect for the beginning gardener. Cost: $40-$45/per person

To register or learn more about these classes, visit OhioHerbCenter.org or call 614/342.4380. Registration is limited for each class.



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