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Post by Rachel Flenner, Events Assistant with the Gahanna OH Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Local dress boutique Be Social will take center stage on Sunday, March 6 during the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival as sponsor of the inaugural Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant. This exciting new pageant is being directed by Gahanna’s own Kylee Miller, owner of Be Social Dress Boutique.

Be_Social 02web2

(c) David Beckham Photography


This is her first time taking on an event of this size and, for many, it could seem like a daunting event. But when Arnold Schwarzenegger asks you to put together something, what do you say? Yes, of course! This pageant is certainly going to be a unique event. It has to be in order for them to find a one-of-a-kind young lady to be the winner. Scouting the local communities, the committee has selected 18 competitors ranging from ages 14-to-18 years old.

Kylee Miller

Kylee Miller, Owner of Be_Social Dress Boutique


These young women will compete in several different categories over 2 days for the title of Miss Arnold Teen Fitness. They will be judged in categories including interview, fitness, talent and evening gown. The winner must not only be a fitness and beauty champion, but an advocate for all girls. “We’re seeking a perfectly balanced winner,” Kylee said. “She must be a young woman who can empower girls of all ages in fitness and talent, through her example.”


(c) Robb Shirey Photography

The winner of the pageant will receive $6,000, a plethora of one-of-a-kind gift items and the honor of being crowned by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Additionally, awards will be presented for Most Photogenic, Best Talent, Best Gown, etc. While the contestants are comprised of a group of All Star Girls, the judges are an impressive group of talented individuals ready to crown the first-ever Miss Arnold Teen Fitness. Judges include Olympic medalist Apollo Ono. Columbus’s own Monica Day will be one of the Hosts of the event.

Be_Social 01web1

@David Beckham Photography


This pageant is something you don’t want to miss during “The Arnold.” It will take place beginning at 12 noon on Sunday, March 6 in the Ohio Expo, Bricker Building. Arrive before the event and stop by the BE Social Dress Boutique booth located in the aisle near the stage.


(c) Robb Shirey Photography

Follow along with the pageant on Facebook at Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant, on Instagram at @Arnoldpageant, on Twitter @Arnoldpageant and check out the new Snapchat story that day featuring all the events the Arnold has to offer.

This pageant is certain to deliver an amazing day for the contestants, Gahanna’s own Be Social and Kylee Miller. So come out and support Gahanna at the Arnold Sports Festival!


(c) Robb Shirey Photography


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