Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies Charges Up in Gahanna


It doesn’t take us long to sniff out something sweet! The Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau team met up with Holly Schaffner, owner of the soon-to-be-opened Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies, to get the scoop on what’s in store for sweet treat aficionados of Central Ohio. Holly’s shop (which will be located at 1050 Beecher Crossing North)  is slated to open in early April.
Brownie Heartsweb
Q: How did Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies get its start?
Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies was founded in 2012 in Gahanna.  The name of the company originated from my husband’s nickname – you guessed it, Turbo!  Mrs. Turbo started baking cookies and treats for the hubby and his coworkers in 2012.  One bite of the cookie and it was a unanimous “why aren’t you selling these?” and “where can I get more?”  After a couple of years of market research and recipe refinement, a cookie company was born.

We’re going with a 50’s retro, pin-up girl themed bakery as a nod to our favorite pin-up artist, Gil Elvgren. In fact the logo you see is the one-and-only Mrs. Turbo herself! Artist and dearest friend, MADD Anthony, created the image of the 50’s pin up cookie baker you see as our logo.


Q: What are Mrs Turbo’s specialties?
We specialize in the gourmet bakery cookie, brownie and cake experience. All of our treats are amazing and you won’t be disappointed with anything. Our most popular items include our Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip cookies, the Buckeye Brownie and our amazing Death by Dark Chocolate cake. Wow – I’m drooling already!!

MrsTurboAssorted Cookiesweb

Q: What sets Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies apart from the competition?
Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies is very particular about everything that goes into our products and our Brand. This includes everything from the goodies to the type of coffee and beverages we offer.   We offer hand-crafted gourmet treats made from scratch with only the best ingredients available.  We bake like mom used to when she had time! Our products are all natural with no trans-fat, no additives or preservatives. We use whole grain flour, organic cold milled Flax, organic Maldon and Pink Himalayan sea salts and select premium Belgium dark chocolates and cocoas such as Rodelle and Ghirardelli. We also use USDA Grade AA butter, fresh eggs, fruit, organic creams and buttermilks from Ohio farms.

We source as many ingredients as we can locally from Ohio farmers and producers to give back to the community. We are designated Ohio Proud by the Ohio Department of Agriculture because we source locally.

Cookie cakeweb

Q: We can’t wait until your new shop opens in Gahanna! Where will it be located and what can visitors expect?
The shop will be located at 1050 Beecher Crossing North (between Johnstown and Hamilton across from the Mifflin Township Fire Department).  Being a 50’s themed pin-up girl bakery, visitors can expect to step-back-in-time, when things were simpler. Enjoy an amazing treat at one of the 50’s style booths or pull up a chair to the cookie bar. Yep,  a cookie bar.   You can have one of our many great gourmet treats or beverages and relax a little. We will have Wifi, as well.


Q: You mentioned earlier that the shop will offer a few unexpected things like …
We’ll have a drive-thru  so, not only can you get your coffee, but you can pick-up gourmet cookies or whatever treat you fancy!  We are planning to do classic car events, because what goes better with a 50’s themed bakery than classic cars?!! There are several special events in the works as well, so make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

chocolate cookieweb

Q: Will you offer private events?
We will offer private events. Depending on seating, our Conference Room can hold up to 15 people and will be equipped with a TV for business meetings.

Q: Where can people go to learn more about Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies?          

Our website is:
Facebook: Mrs. Turbos Cookies
Twitter: @MrsTurbosCookie

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