Cocktails, Beer & Wine, Oh My!


Guest Post by Betsy A Decillis, Owner/Marketing Consultant with BAD Consulting, LLC and Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival devotee.  The 2016 Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival will be presented Fri, June 17-Sunday, June 19 in Gahanna Ohio’s Creekside District, 117 Mill St.


TastingsMy husband and I have developed an addiction: We’re addicted to learning about the craft that goes into craft beer, cocktails and wine. That addiction has led us to go on countless tours of breweries, distilleries and any other location that promises to tell us about the drinks we were drinking. We have been lost in a mess of rich history, carefully picked ingredients and pure love for the past few years.

But we soon discovered a problem.

As our knowledge grew and we felt more confident, we slowly became those annoying people that have a million questions on our tours. We were just that addicted to finding out more about the process. Well, nine times out of ten, we would be talking to a salesperson who did not know much about the actual process, and we would leave disappointed.

Enter the Gahanna, Ohio Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival.


My husband came home one day, practically bouncing. “The Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival is having tastings this year! We’re going.” I just nodded. The next day, “I signed us up for the cocktail tasting!” I tweeted something along the lines of, “We’re going to the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival cocktail tasting. Anybody want to come?” I instantly got an email from him saying, “I don’t know what retweeting is, but I just did it to your tweet.” He was really excited.

The day of the cocktail tasting arrived, and it was packed. If you plan on joining Watershed Distillery for this on Friday night, make sure you sign up ahead of time or else you may be out of luck. We took the last two seats in our tasting group and realized quickly that we were not talking to just some random salesperson. We were talking to the owners, the people that started this company and have poured their love into their products.

The Watershed owners took us through each cocktail, but as they did, they also took the time to go through the thought process that went into each one of the spirits they brought with them. And as a bonus, they made sure that each cocktail they created for the event could easily be replicated at home. So not only did we leave with the story of their spirits, we left with some great summertime cocktail ideas.


Since the cocktail tasting was such a success, my husband quickly decided that we needed to do the wine tasting as well. But then he lost all self-control and signed us up for the beer tasting too.

The beer tasting was with the owners of Pigskin Brewery and we ended up sitting with the parents of one of the owners. His parents beamed with pride as we lobbed questions and they handled them with ease. They then thanked us for supporting their son. This is not the kind of thing that happens on a regular day at the brewery.

Next, we spent time with Wyandotte Winery. Our taste buds were stretched as we tasted wines we wouldn’t normally pick ourselves and explained each one to us perfectly. And you know what? We found a new favorite wine that we actually agreed on. That never happens.

This year, we were excited to find out that the tastings are making a comeback! Like I said, Friday night is cocktail tastings and you will want to call ahead. But the beer and wine tastings are getting just a bit more exciting.

Saturday is the beer tasting with more breweries participating. In addition to Pigskin, you’ll find Kindred Artisan Ales, Columbus Brewing Company, as well as other breweries on the plaza. That means you will purchase tickets and visit the beer tables at your leisure. Sunday’s wine tasting will work in much the same way, but you will also have the option to try appetizer pairings from 101 Beer Kitchen (our favorite local restaurant!).

We plan on checking out all three days and trying a little of everything. Will we see you there?

For a full schedule of events, plus parking, ticket and tasting info– visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Help spread the word about the Festival by using the #2016CBJF hashtag and you could win a Jambassador Tshirt!

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