#MyCBJFStory: Dave Teal



To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival in Gahanna, Ohio (June 15-17), we’re sharing some of our favorite stories through a #MyCBJFStory series.

If you’re a longtime #CBJF fan, you also may be a fan of the delicious food sold by Giant Concessions (a popular food vendor at the Festival). Dave Teal and his wife Becky Schwinn own and operate both the Brats/Italian Sausage booth and the Funnel Cake booth at the event every year. In addition, Dave is a longtime member of the CBJF Planning Committee. The dynamic husband-wife duo lead a busy schedule working numerous festivals throughout the year, making them experts at their trade.  We chatted with Dave to learn more about what sets the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival apart for them.

How did you first become involved with CBJF?
We’ve been vendors at CBJF for about 18 or 19 years, but we’ve been in the food business for 33 years now. When I first heard that there was a blues and jazz fest, I contacted the founders, who were Fred and Gail Wood, at that time.  They graciously allowed us to set up our food stand and we’ve been back ever since!

What do you serve at your stand?
We serve brats and Italian sausage, and this year, we’re adding french fries to our menu. We also serve fresh brewed giant iced tea. We have a funnel cake stand at the festival, too.

What do you like the most about CBJF?
We work several different festivals, but I feel like the CBJF has the best crowd. The crowd is so mellow, and you can tell that folks are there to enjoy good music and have a good time. All the volunteers are wonderful, too. I’ve been a big fan of this festival since it started under Fred and Gail’s direction. They were wonderful people and started a fantastic tradition. Laurie Jadwin and her team have done a terrific job picking it up and keeping the people involved to make the festival work well. A big part of that success is their great sponsors. The City of Gahanna has been wonderful to work with, too.

What’s your favorite memory of the Festival?
We met our dear friend, Edward Jackson, at the festival many years ago. He was truly an angel who had the kindest spirit. We lost Edward a year and half ago but his spirit and memory is with us always, especially at the festival.

What made you want to serve on the Festival Committee?
I wanted to help make this a good festival. I really like everyone involved with this festival, which is why I continue to be involved year after year.

Why do you like serving on the Festival Committee?
There’s good, strong leadership and everyone does a great job at pitching in. I think it takes people staying together to really make things happen. It’s a really fun group that I like working with.

How do you think the Festival evolved over the years?
Every year, the festival keeps getting better. With every festival comes a lot of the trials and tribulations, so there’s always something to improve on year after year. The entertainment has always been really good, but somehow it keeps getting better every year. The music is truly wonderful.

Got a #CBJF story? Email it to info@creeksidebluesandjazz.com  and you just might snag some complimentary event wristbands.  Take advantage of early bird ticket discounts and buy your tickets online here!

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