Kindred Artisan Ales Brings Belgian Brewing (and a cool Tasting Room) to Gahanna


Just six months into their opening in Gahanna, Kindred Artisan Ales has already established a strong reputation for its craft beers and (really) cool tasting room. We caught up with KAA’s Head Brewer, Max Lachowyn, to find out what’s on tap for fall.  


Q: When & how was Kindred Artisan Ales established?

We were established in the fall of 2014 and opened our brewery and Tasting Room in April 2016

Q:  What inspired you to start Kindred?

Kindred was a collaboration between myself, a local investor group and Patrick Gangwer who manages our sour barrel-aging program.


Q: Why did you choose Gahanna as the home for Kindred Artisan Ales? 

Gahanna had the real estate required for our operation as well as a vibrant community of folks who we are proud to serve our beer to. The citizens and City Hall have been very supportive of our mission since day one.


Q: What sets your ales apart? 

We brew many different types of ales at Kindred but what we bring to the area that is a little different is a focus on Belgian brewing tradition and mixed fermentation ales. The latter are typically aged in wine barrels through a secondary fermentation from wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. These beers offer a pleasing tartness and complexity and are often refermented with fruit and spices. The various barrels come together as a unique blend, much like wine, before going through a natural carbonation process in the bottle. This process can take anywhere from 6 months to a few years but we hope to release a small number of bottles by the end of 2016.

Aside from these specialty ales, we produce a plethora of different beers in our production brewery such as our Kindred Wit, Farmhouse Pale Ale and Salvage Porter. We have just started filling six packs, so keep an eye out for Kindred on store shelves in the coming weeks.


Q: Any recommended chews to go with those brews?

We believe that good beer should always go well with food so we strive to create balanced and refreshing beers at all costs. Our Kindred Wit pairs especially well with lighter fare like greens, fish and chicken. Farmhouse Pale Ale, or “FPA” as we affectionately call it, has a lot of floral and citrusy hop character that pairs nicely with spicy food. Our Salvage Porter pairs well with smoked meats, chocolate and crisp fall weather.


Q: Since Kindred is located in “Ohio’s Herb Capital,” have you created any ales or cocktails that celebrate this designation w/ herb infusions?

For special occasions we have infused some of our beers with various herbs like thyme and basil. This tends to work well with our Belgian-style beers that already possess nice spicy characteristics from our yeast. We have talked pretty seriously about brewing an herb-centric beer next summer to commemorate Gahanna as our state’s herb capital.


Q:  What’s on tap for fall?

Salvage Porter has just been released in kegs around Columbus with six-packs right around the corner. This dark ale is brewed with three types of English roasted malts to create a subtle earthy bitterness with flavors of dark chocolate and burnt caramel. Right now at the Tasting Room we have some coffee infusions on tap with plenty more variations to come. Salvage is a fun beer for us to play around with.

Q: What’s YOUR favorite Kindred ale?

My personal favorite is the Kindred Wit. It’s a very refreshing and bright beer. As I mentioned earlier, I feel it goes well with many different food dishes. It is brewed with coriander, orange peel and chamomile and possesses balanced flavor and soft mouthfeel.


Q: Where else can people find Kindred Artisan Ales? 

Visit for more information about us and our beer. Also, wee are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And Kindred will soon be sending six packs of Kindred Wit, Salvage Porter and Farmhouse Pale Ale to bottle shops and grocery stores in the central Columbus area.


Visit Kindred Artisan Ales:
505 Morrison Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230
(614) 528-1227

Tuesday – Friday: 4pm-12am
Saturday: 12 noon-12 midnight
Sunday: 12 noon-10pm
(Happy Hour Everyday from 4- 7pm)


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