From Weddings to Pup Portraits: Gahanna Photographer Finds Success


In response to the large number of inquiries from brides, Visit Gahanna (Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau) started marketing to brides and grooms in 2016–establishing a VIP Vendor List featuring local professionals, venues, caterers, photographers, musicians and wedding planning experts that we’ve worked with through our many community events and workshops. (The VIP Vendor List is available at no charge to any bride, groom or event planner requesting it, at One of the professional photographers on our VIP Vendor List not only excels in the Weddings Market, but is well-versed in portrait and pet photography … offering great options for visitors (or locals) who want to capture their Gahanna memories!  Meet Amanda Muschlitz of Muschlitz Photography… 



Q: When did you start your photography business?

My photography journey began back in 2005 when I start working for a local camera store in Gahanna.  In 2006 I started freelance photography for the local newspaper. Over the years it’s evolved into obtaining a bachelors degree in photojournalism, working at a few newspapers in the Midwest and South, all while photographing weddings and portraits on the side. In 2012, I decided to make wedding and portrait photography my main focus and officially formed Muschlitz Photography LLC.

I fell in love with how my camera and my passion for people would allow me to connect with those I photographed. But instead of just photographing someone once for a news story, Muschlitz Photography has allowed me to stay in touch with my clients, continuing to capture their story as their families grow and lives change. Its been such an honor to capture their journeys!

Dog Days of Summer Mini Sessions - July 11th, 2015 -

Q: What kinds of photography do you specialize in?

At Muschlitz Photography we’re there for all of life’s milestones and everything in between. From weddings to babies, families to pets, and even your business head-shots, we’re there to capture it for all time. We specialize in helping you wrap yourself in life’s little moments, so that you can relive them every time you look at the photographs.


Q:  What do you think sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

When it comes to weddings, we specialize in helping couples enjoy less time posing and more time celebrating on their big day. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, but it passes by in the blink of an eye.

We believe that you deserve more time to wrap yourself in all the moments and happiness of your wedding day. We’ll capture the big beautiful moments that you’d expect, and the little moments and embraces happening around you as well. We’ve perfected our processes and work closely with every couple to help put together a timeline that will get you back to the party sooner and maximize your time with your loved ones.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so I love being able to assist couples in building a timeline so they get an idea of just how long different logistics will take, as well as helping to take the guesswork out of the family portrait list to make sure we don’t miss anyone. Having a plan for the day not only helps a wedding go smoothly, but it helps couples to relax on their wedding day and makes for better photographs.

Karin & Matthew Wedding - August 31, 2014 - -

Q: What are some of your favorite spots for taking portrait photos in Gahanna?

With its winding paths, creek views, and beautiful architecture in the plaza, Creekside Park and Plaza is a popular choice for portraits many in the Gahanna area. While beautiful and a great location for photographs, I also love visiting the other local parks in the area too. A couple of my favorites are Hannah Park and Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve. Hannah Park is absolutely gorgeous in the fall with leaves changing and offers a lot of great backdrop options including a beautiful shelter house that looks like a barn. Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve is another favorite location – the tall grasses and wildflowers there give the park a look that you won’t easily find other places. Friendship Park and the Gahanna Historical Society section of town are also very unique for those who want to feature some of Gahanna’s history.


Q: What advice would you offer to brides who are selecting a wedding photographer?

With something as big your wedding day, it’s important to find someone you can trust and who cares about you, your day, and your images as much as you do. You only have one chance to capture your wedding day and to have it captured how you want it. The secret is to work with someone that is a perfect fit for you. After the wedding, you should be thrilled with both your images and your experience!


There are 3 things you should pay close attention to when selecting a wedding photographer:

1) Photographic Style of Wedding Photography

When choosing your photographer, make sure that you love their photographic style. These are images that you are going to be looking at for the rest of your lives and for generations to come. Before you make a decision, look at a photographer’s work and understand their shooting style. Make sure that their style is exactly what you’re looking for, because those are the types of images that you can expect to receive.

2) Trust a Professional Wedding Photographer

Choose someone that you trust wholeheartedly and who is a professional. Your wedding day is a one-time event. There are no re-shoots. With an event as important and as sacred as a wedding, you should trust someone who has extensive experience in wedding photography and a proven track record of success.  Weddings require a lot more thought and planning and a true pro will be able to:

  • Know how to best cover all of the wedding day events
  • Be able to make recommendations for logistics, portrait locations, posing, etc.
  • Provide guidance with posing to ensure you are looking your best
  • Organize and master the family portraits
  • Provide you with a quality, finished product

3) Select a Photographer You Know You’ll Love Being Around

This is one of the most important tips. When selecting a photographer, you should make sure that it’s someone you and your fiancé get along well with and enjoy being around. Wedding photographers spend the majority of your wedding day with you and is also one of the few vendors that you’ll be in contact with after your wedding day to receive your wedding photos or albums. The entire photo experience should be a positive one from start to finish, so you might as well work with someone you like!

After the party is over, and the wedding guests have left, your wedding photos are one of the few things you’ll have to look back on to remember your day. You should LOVE your wedding photos. I want you to be ecstatic about them! The secret to wedding photography that you will LOVE begins with choosing a photographer who is a perfect fit for you.


Q: You are part of Visit Gahanna’s VIP Wedding Vendor List. What do you offer couples who mention the “Visit Gahanna” promo code?

Any couples who book their wedding photography services and mention the “Visit Gahanna” promo code, will receive a 16″x 20″ Metal Print of their favorite wedding photo! ($475 Value). These are beautiful metal prints with a thin acrylic coating that gives them a glossy finish. They are the perfect keepsake from your wedding day and are great to display in the hall or above the couch.


Q:  What social media platforms can people find you on? 

Facebook: @muschlitzphoto
Instagram: @muschlitzphoto


To learn more about what Gahanna, Ohio offers for weddings and event planners, visit the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau website.  or call 614/418-9114. Be sure to request your copy of the Gahanna, Ohio VIP Wedding Vendor List.